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Meteor Cut® –  71 Facets


The Meteor Cut® was born on 10/10/10. This superb diamond cut has a decagonal shape, and its 10 straight walls are wonderfully built of 71 facets. It took 10 months of diligent work and persistent attempts to overcome the technical challenges.

Meteor® Diamond Characteristics


Meteor Cut® -切割面數目:71個


Meteor Cut®於10年10月10日誕生。十邊形鑽石切割瑰麗不凡,10條直邊切割成71個琢面。設計工序困難重重,需花上10個月苦工及無盡耐心,才能打造完全對稱、角度精準、散發動人晶光的鑽石。Meteor Cut®超然脫俗的光芒和無窮無盡的折射讓人一見難忘。

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