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Princess Cut

This is our most popular non-round diamond. Its beautiful brilliance and unique cut makes it a favorite for engagement rings. The princess has pointed corners and is traditionally square in shape. When choosing a color grade, consider that while the price of a J-color non-round diamond is exceptional, color may be slightly visible in its corners. Also, princess-cut diamonds can vary greatly in how square or rectangular they are. 



這是我們最受歡迎的非圓形鑽石。 其美麗的閃爍及獨特的切割,使其成為定婚戒指的熱門選擇。 公主形呈尖角,在傳統上成方形。 選擇成色分級的時候,要考慮 J-成色非圓形鑽石的價格吸引,然而在角的位置則略微可見顏色。 

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